What is Bond Cleaning?

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Bond cleaning is also known as end of lease cleaning, end of tenancy or exit cleaning. If you had rented out an apartment or a house, you have to leave the house clean and in good condition so that you can receive your bond back.

When is bond cleaning required?

Bond cleaning is done when you are moving out of a house in order to leave the house in a good condition and to receive a refund of your bond. It is also done regularly by rental agencies and landlords before a new tenant moves into a house.

What is involved in bond cleaning?

Moving out on its own is tiresome and can be a headache. It involves packing, finding reliable movers, sorting your items to determine what will be sold out or given away to reduce luggage, among other prior arrangements. Adding cleaning to your already stressful move out schedule is draining and can be very frustrating.

This could make your cleaning shallow leaving out stains and unsatisfactory clean-up which means you may not get a refund of your bond. For this reason, we will discuss what is involved in bond cleaning to help you ensure all the areas in the house are sparkling clean before you move out.

General cleaning

General cleaning involves a thorough and deep clean-up of the general areas in the house. This includes cleaning both the interior and the exterior of the windows, clearing out cobwebs, insect markings and small nests on both the inner and outer walls, wiping the light switches and light fittings, removing stains on doors and door knobs, mopping the hard floors, vacuuming the carpet and cleaning fans, air conditioners, exhaust fans, and filters. The house should be left looking good and smelling fresh.

Deep cleaning in the kitchen area

Forget the general domestic cleaning you do every day in your house, an end of lease cleaning service involves a deep cleaning in your kitchen even in the hard to reach areas. Some of the areas to look out for include; cleaning all drawers, cupboards and shelves, removing grease, stubborn stains and soot around the stovetops, dusting off the exhaust fan filter, cleaning the oven by removing grime and grease from the barbecue trays, baking trays, doors and glass, cleaning the outer and inside of the refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, thorough cleaning and sanitising of the sink and drainage, and mopping the floor and countertops.

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Thorough cleaning in the bathroom area

The bathroom is also an area that requires attention during bond cleaning. Remember to:

  • Remove any moulds that might have accumulated in the corners of the bathroom overtime
  • Clean the exhaust fan
  • Scrub off built-up soap scum from the walls and glasses
  • Remove stains as well as disinfect the: washbasin, bathtub, sinks, shower, and toilet seats
  • Discolour your toilet using specialised cleaning products
  • Clean the mirrors, windows, towel rails and the floor
  • And finally, wipe and remove stains on cupboards and drawers.

Laundry area

Your laundry area will also need a deep cleaning when moving out. Special areas to note are; removing built-up soap residue on laundry tub, cleaning both the inner and the outer sides of the windows, doors, walls and doorknobs, cleaning the mirrors and taps, clean-up behind the washing machine, filters and equipment, spruce up both the inside and outside of cupboards and drawers, and floor cleaning.

Other key areas

In addition to the highlighted areas above, there are other areas that will need your attention. These areas include; clearing out debris on the gutter, thorough cleaning, remove cobwebs and dust, as well as scrubbing floor in the garage, and finally mopping floors in the patio and cleaning balcony railings. Some other areas in the house you will want to consider are  walls, skirting boards, and more.

Bond cleaning is thorough and deep compared to your daily general cleaning. Bond cleaning requires special cleaning equipment and products to ensure all the areas, including hard to reach areas, are cleaned and there are no stains or discolouration left in the house.

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