About Calibre Cleaning

Our mission is to provide outstanding cleans, whilst delivering world class customer service

Who We Are

Calibre Cleaning started with a simple goal, to offer a better house cleaning service to locals in Melbourne. We strived to do this through offering an easier experience for finding excellent cleaners, and a focus on customer service.

We cleaned our first home in 2015, and have since grown to offering cleaning services throughout Australia. We have expanded our cleaning teams and head office team, but still have the same vision that drives what we do, and how we do it.

Our goal for the future is to keep finding ways to offer a better house cleaning experience; and to make our customers' lives easier through cleaning and customer service.

Meet Our Team

When you call, email, or livechat us, you speak with one of our passionate customer service team members.

Rocky Vuong, Founder and Owner of Calibre Cleaning

Rocky Vuong, Founder & Director

I enjoy solving the many problems that arise when running a company. My goal is to ensure we are always in line with our company's mission of delivering outstanding cleans and world class customer service.

When I'm not working on Calibre Cleaning, I love a beer or three with some mates.

Emily Semana, Customer Service Team member at Calibre Cleaning

Emily Semana, Operations Manager

My passion for helping others is intertwined with my personal and professional life experiences. I have been helping people for over six years as a career. I always find it fulfilling whenever a customer would thank you for your assistance. The feeling that you were able to help someone is heartwarming. I find joy in helping others, and that's more than enough to fuel me to do my everyday role.

My favourite hobby is drawing. I used to dream of becoming an animator or cartoonist when I was a child.

Gino Bautista - Customer Service Representative at Calibre Cleaning

Gino Bautista, Customer Service Team Leader

I have a deep-rooted passion for Customer Service. I am a fast learner and a reliable team player

I am a dance and photography enthusiast

Kate Ramirez - customer service at Calibre Cleaning

Kate Ramirez, Assigning & Outbound Team Leader

I am a person who finds fulfillment in helping others whether at work or in my personal life. As a customer service representative for years, I've made Empathy, Professionalism, and Integrity my core values whenever I assist customers. It is always fulfilling to know that you have helped and made a customer happy with the service that you provided. I just think that doing your best on the simplest tasks that you do, might make an impact on one's life.

In my free time, I love to do charcoal portraits, cook for the fam and I am also a succulent collector.

Emma Khan, Customer Service Representative at Calibre Cleaning

Emma Khan, Recruitment Specialist

My passion for quality service can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether as a member of my high school admissions team or part of the campus inter-relations. I've been on Customer Service path from the start. The reason? I like getting people excited about the things I'm excited about

I like reading a lot!

Mary Semana, Customer Service Representative at Calibre Cleaning

Mary Semana, Assigning Coordinator

I have a soft spot in helping others since childhood. When I started to work, customer service is one of my forte . My goal is to make every customer happy by going above and beyond in every situation . I am an outgoing person with a positive attitude. Also, I love visiting new places and meeting new people.

When out of work, what makes me happy and relax is to watch movies like sci-fi and anime, singing and sometimes I draw.

Erika Garcia - Customer Service Representative at Calibre Cleaning

Erika Garcia, Customer Service

I'm a very positive person, and I am always excited to learn new things because I believe it helps us grow as a person. My passion for helping other people is the main reason why I love being a customer service representative. It gives me joy whenever I know I've been a help to anyone.

In my free time, all I want to do is watch movies while I eat my favorite food - pizza.

Jan Heruela, customer service representative at Calibre Cleaning

Jan Heruela, Customer Service

I like being in Customer Service because it also makes me happy when I get to personally serve and help others. I make sure that how I perform my duties will make the customer want to come and use our services again. I also want to be a helping hand to my team to build each other up and get better for ourselves and the company. I strive to learn new things along the way and apply the good things in my life to attain my goal and leave my comfort zone.

I mostly enjoy watching movies, playing video games, cooking, and spending time with my family.

Raphael Reyes, Recruitment Specialist

Helping others out is something I love to do and doing what I love for a living is the long-term goal that I’ve achieved with Calibre Cleaning. As a recruiter, I have the duty to let the company grow by hiring more cleaners, but I’m also obligated to look for those who put their heart and mind into their job to provide quality service for our customers.

I like to go out for coffee with my loved ones when I have free time.

Keith Semaña, Customer Service

Helping people, especially in customer care, is one of the noblest professions I had. I always want to give them the best customer experience, just as I would have liked as a customer myself. I have also worked with people who focus on managing and leadership in the same industry. I will use these skills and experiences to influence others and to be a great ally to the company and our loyal customers.

When out of work, I love night-outs, socials, and going out of town for adventure.

Che Mendones, Sales Representative

My more than a decade of experience in sales and customer service has given me a thorough grasp of and the ability to appraise various customer circumstances. The gap will be filled by providing solutions and options with tailored fit resolutions. I'm a doer, an optimist, and a lifelong learner. For me, life is a never-ending learning process, and we never get too old to learn.

I adore travelling and playing internet games.

Melchizedek Himpayan, Sales Representative

I love growing as an individual and learning how to give more to others without expecting anything in return. Being a Customer Service Representative, I love making connections and, like every transaction seamless, creating a happy and satisfied customer.

I like watching movies and cooking in my free time.

Edgar Arnejo, Customer Service

I want to be that "someone" who impacts the people I interact with. In a way, they'd remember me as the one who listened to them and made them happy with the customer service. Achieving that makes me feel satisfied, knowing that I was able to attend and provide them service/s that exceeded their expectations.

I am fond of playing mobile video games in my free time, especially while eating my favourite comfort food; burger and pizza.

Karstein Apolinares, Customer Service

I enjoy interacting with people every day, from someone in my family, on the bus, mall, and definitely in my job as customer service. Being able to do what you like as a career is something that stays longer. I am just thankful for the opportunity to do that with Calibre Cleaning.

I like cooking and baking when I am off work.