Critical Areas That Should Always Be Clean

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Your home is probably the one place in the world you get to relax after going around hustling. For a place that you rest and lay your head you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

Part of making your home a comfortable place is cleaning it. Many people find it hard navigating the world of home cleanliness and management. That is why we have prepared a complete list of areas in your home that should always be clean. We also describe the ways of cleaning them.

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Experts at Kitchen Capital think, if there is one place in your house that needs utmost cleaning attention is the kitchen. This is because that is where all the food is prepared. It is also where all other dry foods and fruits are stored. If at any time, there is dirt in the kitchen, all the food will be contaminated, and that is not what you want.

The first place you should clean is the countertop. You should also clean all the appliances. This includes things like refrigerators, microwaves, and oven. When cleaning, make sure that you clean both the inside and outside parts of these devices. Do not forget to clean and disinfect sinks, kitchen table, and the cabinets

Bathroom & Toilet

Where you take a bath after a long and tiring day outside should also be sparkling clean. You can do this by scrubbing the bathtub and shower with soap and water. The walls of the bathroom should wall be washed and disinfected. If you have cabinets, you should dust and wash them from time to time.

Your toilet too should also be sparkling clean. One thing you will need here is a toilet brush. You will also need water and detergent. You then apply the detergent on the toilet bowl, especially on the sides. After a couple of minutes, use the brush to scrub the bowl thoroughly and then flush the dirt away.

Living Room

When cleaning your living room, you should start by clearing away any cobwebs. You can then dust your seats and vacuum the carpets. The tables and other surfaces should be wiped off using a cleaning solution. If you have electronics, you should take a lot of caution when trying to clean them. Do not use any detergent nor cleaning liquid; all you need a dry piece of cloth to dust off any dirt.

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Your windows are the entry point for fresh air. They are also the things people from outside see first when they take a glance at your home. That is why you should ensure that they are always clean. A glass cleaner would come in handy in such a situation. Spray it on the window and then wipe it off using a newspaper. If you encounter a few hard-to-reach windows, use a squeegee to clean them.

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After you are done with cleaning each part of the house, you are bound to have a lot of dirt on the floor. That is why you need a proper mechanism to clear out that dirt and leave your floor sparkling clean. There are many approaches you can use to clean the floor. In this example, we are going first to sweep the dirt out and then mop the floor.

The first step is picking up a broom and dustpan. You should then go to a corner of your choice and start sweeping the floor from one end to another. After you are done, collect the dirt using the dustpan and throw it in the bin.

You can then pick a bucket filled with a soapy solution and a mop. Dip the mop in the solution and start cleaning from one end of the room until you get to the other end. Make sure you disinfect the floors when you are done mopping. 

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Of course, cleaning your home can be a hassle sometimes. But there are certain areas that should always be clean. This is because failure to clean them could bring a lot of health issues. Moreover, you’ll find that regularly cleaning these things make it much easier for end of lease cleaning service to be less expensive! Once you have cleaned them, you are good to go. You can then make time out of your schedule to cleanse the other areas one after the other.

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