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Get your bond back with our professional end of lease cleans. Fully backed by our bond back guarantee.

Our end of lease cleaning customer from Adelaide
Jennifer, Adelaide
""A friend recommended I try Calibre Cleaning. The cleaning team, which included bond cleaners, did an excellent job. The entire place was sparkling from top to bottom! The landlord was satisfied, and I got my full bond back with no troubles.""

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Our Bond Back Guarantee means when you choose us for your end of lease clean, you know you'll be getting your bond back. If your property manager is not satisfied with our clean, we come back to reclean at no extra cost.

Our Customer Reviews

Searching for a trustworthy cleaner can be challenging. At Calibre Cleaning, we prioritize your safety and security, ensuring all our cleaners undergo thorough background checks and have insurance. Our strong reputation as domestic cleaners in Adelaide reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Don't just take our word for it – we have hundreds of satisfied customers on Google and Facebook. Explore our online reviews on these platforms to see what clients have to say about our exceptional service and consistent cleaning performance.

I recommend Calibre because they get the job done most cost-effectively and efficiently. Their staff were very professional and friendly. My landlord said the place was spotless.
Janet, Glenelg
I have used other cleaners previously but none can compare to Calibre. Very impressive from their customer service to the amazing bond cleaners they sent to my house. Thanks, Calibre team!
Daniel, Adelaide
Calibre Cleaning has the most hardworking cleaners I've ever seen!! My apartment looks cleaner now than when I first moved in. Highly recommend their end of lease cleaning, which satisfied my landlord.
Zach, Belair
I have now used Calibre Cleaning for two vacate cleans. First time had some minor issues, which they fixed right away. And second time was flawless. My landlord was pleased, and I will continue using them in the future.
Anthony, Kensington Park
Everything went incredibly smoothly. Easy to book online. They called me up with a confirmation. And the landlord was very happy with the end result. Great work guys, your bond cleaning service is exceptional!
Annabelle, North Adelaide
Calibre Cleaning did an amazing job with our move out clean. I recommend this bond cleaning company to anyone looking for an end of lease clean or bond cleaning services.
Katrina, Tennyson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive end of lease cleaning service includes all items that most property managers are likely to have on their final inspection checklist.

Find details on our checklist for our end of clean services page on our website.

Absolutely. All our end of lease clean services include a Bond Back Guarantee. If your agent still has issues with the condition of the property after the final inspection, notify us within 72 hours and we will send our cleaning team to re-clean the problem areas at no extra cost.

If you are facing issues with your agent after we have completed the clean, share their details with us and let our team manage the rest of the clean for you thereby assuring you of a complete peace of mind on your move.

Yes. Our professional cleaning service will get rid of the standard or ‘light’ mould and grout that typically builds up in wet areas over time. This is covered under our flat rate pricing.

Mould or grout that has been there for years and which is somewhat more entrenched will incur extra charges and when it comes to these, there is usually no guarantee that they will be removed entirely.

Our flat rate prices include light marks and scratches on the walls. In case you have wall stains that are more than just your ordinary ‘light marks’, or if you have a large number of marks on many walls, please choose our ‘Wall Cleaning’ add on in checkout.

We can offer you a quote for the clean based on the type of marks on the walls. Some wall stains are too deep and have to be repainted.

These different terms pretty much mean the same thing which is the cleaning done at the end of the lease or at the end of the tenancy before you move out of the rental property.

We recommend checking it out with your property manager. Every agency has its sets of terms regarding an end of lease clean. There are agencies that impose strict requirements on the use of professional cleaners for the end of lease house clean. Some property managers go as far as requiring that you use their own recommended house cleaners. On the other hand, some agencies loosen the requirements a bit and are ok with you cleaning your own rental property before you vacate it.

How long we spend cleaning your property will depend on a number of factors that are unique to each individual property. This can be dictated by the age of the property with the older properties taking longer to clean.

The duration of time that you have lived in the property can also dictate the length of time that it will require to clean up the property. Usually, the longer that you have stayed in a property, the bigger the ground there is to cover to ensure the house is sparkling clean at the end of lease.

The present state of the property can also determine the amount of time required for the end of lease cleaning. The speed with which we clean your house will also depend on the number of cleaners sent out for the job. If your property requires a carpet steam clean, it will usually take longer to clean than one that doesn’t.

Finally, the size of the house or apartment will also factor into the duration required to clean the house. Bigger houses or apartments require more time to clean as there is a lot of ground to cover.

Below is a rough guide on the time it takes to clean houses of different sizes:

  • Studio/1 bedroom: 2 to 5 man hours
  • 2 bedroom apartment: 3 to 6 man hours
  • 3 bedroom house: 5 to 8 man hours
  • 4 bedroom house: 6 to 11 man hours
  • 5 bedroom house: 7 to 15 man hours

We clean all interior windows by default as part of our end of lease cleans. However, in case you need the exteriors of your windows cleaned, you can call us or get in touch with us for a quote.

Yes. Our meticulous cleaners will clean your fridge, mattresses and couches. On our website, we quote fixed prices for properties that are completely empty. If you are looking for an end of lease cleaning for a furnished property, call us today so we can furnish you with a prompt quote for the job.

Our professional carpet steam cleaners will get rid of most of the stains on your carpets. It is noteworthy that some stains are simply too old or too deep that they cannot be gotten rid of by regular cleaning using our steam cleaning machines.

For such stains, we recommend having a candid talk with your property manager on whether these can be factored into the ‘general wear & tear’ of the property. This will save you from the liability caused by these more tougher stains.

What's Included In an End of Lease Clean

Know exactly what we'll clean when we arrive at your home. Our standard end of lease cleaning checklist covers 99% of the cleaning requirements from most property managers.

If there's anything we missed, we'll come back to fix it up at no extra cost.

Want a copy of our cleaning checklist? Download it here:

All Areas

  • All Surfaces Wiped & Cleaned
  • Vacuum All Floors
  • Skirting Boards
  • Door Frames
  • All Interior Windows


  • Stove Top & Exhaust Fan
  • Inside Cupboards & Pantry
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Polish all Stainless Steel Surfaces


  • Dusting
  • Vacuum All Floors
  • Skirting Boards
  • Door Frames

Bedroom & Living Areas

  • Inside Wardrobes/Closets
  • Interior Windows
  • Vacuum all Carpet, Rugs and Stairs

Add Ons Available

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Appliances (Furnished Properties)
  • Balcony Cleaning
  • Garage Cleaning

Cleaning Services We Offer

Whatever your cleaning needs are, we've got you covered. Click through to find out more about our range of cleaning services

House Cleaning

Enjoy a cozy and welcoming home with our customized house cleaning service, designed to cater to your individual preferences and keep your living space looking fabulous.

Book House Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Enhance productivity and promote a healthy work atmosphere with our detail-oriented office cleaning service, providing a neat, organized, and hygienic workspace for you and your colleagues.

Book Office Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Reclaim the shine of your oven with our expert oven cleaning service, banishing stubborn grease and grime for a squeaky-clean, safe, and efficient cooking experience.

Book Oven Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Breathe new life into your home with our top-to-bottom spring cleaning service, making every nook and cranny feel fresh and inviting.

Book Spring Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Dive into a spotless home with our detailed deep cleaning service, tackling those hard-to-reach spots and stubborn dirt for an immaculate finish.

Book Deep Cleaning
Exterior House Washing

Exterior House Washing

Give your home's exterior a stunning makeover with our washing service, banishing grime and stains for a head-turning curb appeal.

Book Exterior House Washing
Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Transform your bathroom into a sparkling oasis with our thorough cleaning service, leaving every surface sanitized and germ-free for your peace of mind.

Book Bathroom Cleaning
End of Lease Clean

End of Lease Clean

Ensure a hassle-free bond return with our all-inclusive end of lease cleaning service, leaving your rental property looking its absolute best for the final inspection.

Book End of Lease Clean

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Bring the brilliance back to your tiles with our expert cleaning service, focusing on grout lines and removing even the most stubborn stains for a dazzling finish.

Book Tile and Grout Cleaning
Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Safeguard and spruce up your home's appearance with our roof cleaning service, clearing away debris, moss, and algae for a well-kept look.

Book Roof Cleaning
Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Revamp your driveway with our high-pressure cleaning service, washing away dirt, oil spills, and grime for an eye-catching and welcoming entrance.

Book Driveway Cleaning

100% Bond Back Guarantee

We provide professional bond back cleaning service in Adelaide with a 100% bond back guarantee. Our team of professionally-trained, background-checked, police-vetted and professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide pay close attention to detail to ensure everything is sparkling clean. We work with a comprehensive checklist when it comes to end of lease cleaning in Adelaide that ensures we cover every little detail in your house during the move-in move-out cleaning.

The result is a spotlessly clean house that will satisfy even the strictest landlord or property manager. If your property agent is still not satisfied after the clean, just hand us their details and let us handle the rest of the cleaning and requirements with them. We aim to give our customers a complete peace of mind when it comes to their Adelaide end of lease cleaning needs.

  • Bed linen replacement
  • Bed making
  • Laundry & ironing
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Laundry washing
  • Pantry organisation
  • Countertops disinfecting
  • Floor mopping
  • Refrigerator
  • Bathroom scrubbing
  • Clutter management
  • Oven degreasing
  • Comprehensive cleaning services...
A lounge in Adelaide before an end of lease clean

Move Out Cleans the Calibre Cleaning Way

Our professional end of lease cleaning service is guaranteed to leave you on the good side of your agent or property manager and ensure the end of lease cleaning process is handled expertly.We offer specialized end of lease cleaning to the strictest of standards. Our professional Adelaide cleaning services are guaranteed to satisfy all vacate cleaning requirements. Our professional and competent cleaners will give you a complete peace of mind. If your property manager still has issues with the clean, we will come back and address the problem areas for free.

Over the years, we have offered our clients trusted and professional end of lease cleaning in Adelaide with a very high success rate. We are one of the highest-rated professional end of lease cleaning companies in Adelaide. We include a 100% bond back guarantee with each of our professional end of lease cleans in Adelaide.

How to Choose an End of Lease Cleaning Service in Adelaide

Choosing the right end-of-lease cleaning service in Adelaide can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy, you can find an experienced and reliable service that matches your needs. First and foremost, look for a reputable company specialising in bond cleaning in Adelaide, offering services that comply with end-of-tenancy standards. These professionals understand the importance of tasks such as carpet cleaning and removing stains, which are critical for securing your bond return.

Investigate the company’s reputation by checking reviews and ratings from previous tenants. Their experiences can offer valuable insights into the quality of the house cleaning services provided. Be sure to clarify what cleaning duties are included in their service to ensure they match your requirements. Affordable costs are also an essential factor to consider, but remember, cheap doesn’t always equate to good value. An experienced company might charge slightly more but will typically provide a comprehensive, high-quality service that ensures your successful exit from the property. By taking these steps, you can secure a reliable end-of-lease cleaning service that delivers excellent results without breaking the bank.

End of Lease Cleaning Near Me in Adelaide

Our professional vacate cleaners are masters at the job. Our cleaners are not only competent but also come with extensive experience, a professional culture and the latest cleaning equipment and cleaning that will do the job with unmatched thoroughness. When it comes to bond back cleaning services in Adelaide, let us help you move out in peace.

Our detailed Adelaide end of lease cleaning will leave the house looking so clean and fresh that you won’t have a problem getting your bond back. At Calibre Cleaning, we deliver a top-notch end of lease cleaning just as it should be done. We offer a bond back guarantee on all our end of lease cleaning jobs in Adelaide.

Beautiful Adelaide kitchen before an end of lease clean
Adelaide city skyline

We Love Cleaning in Adelaide

Adelaide offers a unique space for people who choose to work, live, love, study or spend time in the city. With its many universities and campuses, it has since morphed into a leading hub for international students. It is a one of our favourite quintessential Aussie cities.

Outside its precincts is a world of parks, wineries, botanic gardens and so much more. It is not for nothing that this quiet and “invisible” city is often ranked as one of the world’s most liveable.

The character of this South Australian capital makes it a perfect city to live in. It’s is a small city with big city business infrastructure. But it still retains the knowing small-town charm. It is not the kind of city where one disappears into the anonymity of urban life. This is a great place for community, family, convenience, safety and peace of mind.