The Most Expensive Suburbs in Sydney

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Living in the busy inner parts of Sydney can quickly take its toll. Fortunately, the city provides its residents and visitors with secret retreats far away from all the noise and crowds. If you know where to look, you’ll discover divine suburbs just around the corner that represent another side of Sydney living.  

Sydney is home to some of the most extravagant suburbs and beautiful residences. Over the months, the city has experienced an incredible rise in property prices, making Sydney one of the most expensive cities in the world. Along with luxurious houses, the suburbs of Sydney also host affluent and progressive neighbourhoods. 

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Bellevue Hill   

Bellevue Hill is located on the city’s east side and is one of the most expensive suburbs in Sydney. The Median property price in Bellevue Hill is about 6.4 million, experiencing slight fluctuations close to this figure for the past six months. Rental homes, on average, are also substantial, charging $1,950 a week to their tenants. 

Suburb houses combine ultra modern themes with classic architecture, showcasing the best of both worlds. Most homes in this location come with a large swimming pool and other recreational facilities such as tennis gardens and tennis courts. All in all, the suburb possesses all the high-end qualities that wealthy residents desire.  

Point Piper   

Point piper is Sydney’s smallest suburb with only about six streets and 1400 residences. Nonetheless, it also happens to be one of the wealthiest suburbs with its median house price reaching $15 million dollars in 2021. Here, you can walk alongside a range of beautiful elevated houses with excellent waterfront views of the harbour.  

Houses here are highly exclusive, with many hillside homes providing a few of Sydney’s gorgeous city skyline. Some of the homes in Point Piper also open out to the beach, so residents can enjoy both the tranquillity of the seaside and the vibrancy of Sydney’s cityscape. Overall, the suburb offers all types of houses that consist of unique architecture influenced worldwide. 

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Tamarama is one of the richest suburbs in Sydney, not just in price value but also for its rare aesthetic appeal. For the wealthy that crave a private family home residing on the beach, this suburb delivers in droves. The ocean provides the perfect backdrop for Tamarama’s cliff-hugging dwellings with panoramic views of Sydney Harbour.  

In addition to its proximity to Sydney’s sandy beaches, the suburb is only a few minutes away from famous spots like Bondi Beach, Double Bay, and the CBD. Due to its glamour and beachside location, the suburb is high in value, with median house prices reaching $8.12 million. This eastern suburb offers some of the best coastal-living experiences that Australia offers.  

Centennial Park  

Centennial Park has over 100 free-standing homes, and is located near the CBD. The area showcases many Victorian-style buildings, which provide the neighbourhood with rustic, timeless charm that never goes out of style. In addition to a high price tag for the average house in Centennial Park, prospective homebuyers will also find it challenging to land a property in this suburb.  

The houses in this neighbourhood are set away from the road, dwelling around Sydney’s serene parklands. Living here is like leading life alongside Australia’s vibrant and green ecosystem as  the possibility of seeing wildlife comes up every now and again. Due to its unique location, limited houses on sale, and high demand amongst the wealthy, the median house price is approximately $6.5 million.  

Double Bay  

Double Bay is another harbourside suburb, with luxury waterside mansions and beautiful scenic streets. It also provides residents and visitors with memorable dining experiences as you can enjoy a grand meal while looking over the picturesque harbour. 

Overall, Double Bay provides high-income earners with the perfect lifestyle suburb as the median price is a whopping $6.05 million for a house. It has prestigious harbourfront homes that offer picturesque waterfront views, and a village feel with its cosy cafes and boutiques. Much of the architecture of homes in this location also follow contemporary patterns, which can give your home a sleek and polished edge. 


With median prices costing people about 5.82 million dollars, Vaucluse is listed as one of the most expensive suburbs in Australia. Most of the homes in this suburb have views that will take your breath away, and come equipped with Cliffside pools that overlook the great blue Australian ocean. This makes for leisurely and royal living conditions with an added sense of adventure. 

This suburb is also close to many beaches and the inner city. It sits on one of the geographical sweet spots in Sydney, keeping residents close to both the hustle-bustle and nature’s beauty. If you ‘re looking for a luxurious seaside lifestyle, complete with a vibrant city experience that will make all your friends envious, look no further than Vaucluse.

Darling Point  

Darling Point in Sydney is a suburb filled with enormous dual-level apartments and enormous mansions that represent Sydney’s extravagant side. The suburb looks onwards to the magnificent harbour ridge views of Sydney city, with flats here consisting of many living compartments and garden side garages.  

The homes and apartments in this suburb make the very most of Sydney’s gorgeous summer weather as balconies and rooftop terraces are a hugely popular trend. The living arrangements in this part of the city also blend modern and classic architecture, creating a completely new look satisfying both vintage and contemporary lovers.

Darling Point has one of the most iconic waterfront residence spaces, and is a place that provides people with the ultimate lifestyle The median housing price for this suburb is around 7.06 million Australian dollars and is crowned for featuring the most expensive houses.


Cremorne in Sydney is a suburb residence ideal for starting a family. The neighbourhood is affluent, pet-friendly, and progressive and only 6km away from the city. Here, residents have access to plenty of fantastic waterfront picnic spots where they can indulge in a range of activities. 

Additionally, there are incredible facilities for residents and visitors, including many pools, playgrounds and much more. This harbour-side suburb is located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore and close to the famous Taronga Zoo. The apartment complex, homes, and other living arrangements have a median price of $3.9 million dollars.  

Dover Heights  

Dover Heights is another coastal suburban spot in Sydney that comprises splendid CBD scenery and spectacular walks along the cliff. Living in this suburb also provides residents with easy access to Bondi Beach. The houses in this region are extravagant and posh, having median prices of 4.1 million Dollars. The units in this part also are on the pricier side and generally cost around 1.4 million dollars.  

Here, wealthy individuals can find sanctuaries that offer the luxury and privacy that is unimaginable. With ocean-side mansions, the views of these houses transcend you into a heavenly atmosphere. Apart from the indoor and outdoor entertainment, it provides uninterrupted views of the ocean and a low-maintenance lifestyle set for ultimate convenience.  


Mosman is a suburb that endorses the flawless blend of luxury and history. The neighbourhood here provides a relaxed, social, and friendly environment. Endless streams of beaches, cafes, and restaurants offer a timeless experience for people that desire the perfect retreat. 

All of its qualities come with a median housing price nearly 5 million dollars, which is justified when you consider the lifestyle it offers. The suburb is the perfect getaway for wealthy couples and families to settle and enjoy their time in Victorian-style homes, along with a classic retro touch. 

Final Thoughts  

The Sydney weather stays lovely throughout the year, and people from all around the world come to this city to enjoy the sunny-side living. For the wealthy, settling into luxurious vacation homes and leading their lives in the most expensive suburb in Australia is an incredible way to enjoy the fruits of their wealth.  

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