Best Home Cleaning Products & Equipment in 2021

top cleaning products and equipment

You wouldn’t wash your BMW with regular shampoo and a tired sponge from your kitchen. You wouldn’t wash your favourite sweater with hand soap from your bathroom. 

And, the same holds true when cleaning your home. 

You need to arm yourself with the best home cleaning products and equipment if you want to leave your home spotless and sparkling. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself spending more time frantically ransacking the cupboards for cleaning supplies and less time actually cleaning your home.

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn soap scum, pesky wine stains or hard-to-clean streaks, we have compiled a list of the best cleaning equipment and supplies to make everything in your home – carpet, couches and countertops – look as good as new. Keep reading to unlock some of the best-kept secrets to a cleaner, fresher home. 

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What do I need to clean my house?

Disinfectant & cleaning wipes

Sure, that sponge under the sink does the job, but it doesn’t clean and disinfect surfaces like these disinfectant cleaning wipes. 

Cleaning wipes are pre-moistened, so you can wave goodbye to dry sponges and cleaning spray streaks of the past. You’ll also benefit from the built-in abrasiveness, which makes them better at breaking through a biomass barrier than traditional cleaning cloths. 

If you need to kill germs in certain areas of the home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, kids’ play areas, then cleaning wipes should be in your arsenal. They will not only disinfect the area, but they will prevent cross-contamination between different areas, as you can throw one out and grab another once you’re done.

Microfibre cloths

Stack of blue microfibre cloths

Some cleaning supplies are popular for a reason. They just work. 

This goes for microfibre cloths. You’ve probably used them before to buff your car or clean your glasses, but what most people don’t realise is that they are versatile enough to be used all over the home.

Throw that grimy sponge back in the sink and grab a microfibre cloth, because you can use this durable cleaning companion to clean your countertops, windows and mirrors, bathroom surfaces and even your kid’s PlayStation. Their unique fibre structure picks up 99% of bacteria with just water. That’s right – you can put that Spray N’Wipe back under the sink, because all you need is your microfibre cloth, which you can wash and use again and again.

Sugar soap

An oldie but a goodie, sugar soap is versatile enough to be used on almost any surface. It’s probably sitting in your garage right now, but you’ll be surprised to know that it can be used to clean a range of household surfaces and item, including:

  • Sugar soap can be used as a multi-purpose surface cleaner on kitchen countertops, bathrooms tiles and in the laundry
  • You can prep your walls for painting by giving them a thorough scrub with sugar soap first
  • Use sugar soap on wooden, laminated or tiled floors for a spotless clean
  • Lighten and brighten your toilet bowl with just a small amount of sugar soap
  • Concoct a sugar soap spray to clean your outdoor furniture 

Spray mop

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys lugging a mop and bucket around the house. You’re either sloshing suds all over the floor or waiting forever for the floor to dry in your socks.

But, with a spray mop you can ditch the bucket for good in favour of a portable mop with an in-built water tank on the handle ready to dispense warm water and cleaner on the floors at the touch of a button. And, with a machine-washable microfibre pad at the head of the mop, you can simply take it off to wash it when you’re done and use it time and time again – which makes it a hygienic and sustainable floor cleaning solution. 

Microfiber hand duster

Cleaner holding a microfibre hand duster towards a mirror

Dusting your home can be a real chore. You have to move all of the items off of the table before you can get at the layer of dust with your cloth or sponge, which is a real pain if you need to reach those hard-to-reach places or the ceiling.

That’s why microfibre hand dusters are essential. With a flexible head with long microfibres that get into nooks and crannies, most hand dusters feature adjustable handles, so you can alter the handle length to suit your needs. No need to grab your step ladder, because you can dust even the highest shelves with a light touch. The head is also detachable, so you can swap it out when you’re done and pop it in the washing machine.

A squeegee

These nifty little tools are a staple for any home cleaning kit. They can be used in showers to keep them mold and mildew-free, as well as windows to leave them looking streak-free. 

While most of us use squeegees for wet surfaces, you can also use them to get pet hair and crumbs off your carpet and upholstery. You can simply vacuum up the clumps of hair when you’re done. And, if you ever drop a glass or dish, you can put down the broom and simply grab your squeegee instead. They’re ideal for collecting all of those tiny pieces of broken glass or porcelain that you would otherwise miss with a standard broom.

Washing machine dual caps

Gone are the days of washing up powder spills and overflowing machines, because washing machine dual caps do all the hard work for you. They save you from guessing how much washing up liquid or powder you’ll need to use, so all you need to do is pop one in the machine, turn it on and put your feet up.

Life’s too short to spend it measuring out washing powder and mopping up spills, invest in some laundry capsules and save yourself some time and effort.

White vinegar

White vinegar isn’t just for marinades and sauces, it’s also a surprisingly versatile cleaning product. 

When it comes to using white vinegar for cleaning, it’s most commonly used as a spray for streak-free glass on windows, shower screens and mirrors. It can also be used as a rinse aid in your dishwasher to leave your cutlery shining (anyone who has worked in hospitality can probably attest to this) and your glassware gleaming. 

It even works on laundry – if you’re after beautifully soft laundry, then simply add 40ml of white vinegar in place of your fabric conditioner. It will work a treat and you won’t get that vinegary smell afterward, either.

Now you know all of the best house cleaning equipment and tools as recommended by us here at Calibre Cleaning, you can add them to your arsenal for a professional-quality clean every time. Your home will be cleaner and fresher for it. Our Australian-based home cleaning company offers professional services for house cleaning in AdelaideBrisbaneCanberraGold CoastHobartMelbournePerth, and Sydney. We also offer End of lease or bond cleaning in AdelaideBrisbaneCanberraGold Coast, HobartMelbournePerth, and Sydney

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