How to Minimise Dust Accumulation In the Bedroom

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Dust accumulating in your bedroom is not fun at all. Worse of all is that dust keeps on coming back regardless of how well you clean. This is because dust comprises different types of particles such as dead skin cells, plant pollen as well as fibres from paper and clothing.

Excessive dust can cause allergies, asthma and other health issues. Hence, it is always advisable you keep it under control. Luckily, here are some guidelines to minimise dust accumulation in your bedroom.

1) Keep these items clean

You might have seen some TV commercials about dust mites, dander and dead skin cells pilling up in mattresses over time. Such particles pile up in pillows and beddings alike.

To eliminate this, you should ensure you vacuum your entire bed each time you change the pillowcases and sheets. In addition, clean your pillows at least 4 to 6 weeks. Run your pillows and comforter through your dryer on a regular basis. 

2) Keep your closets tidy

Besides vacuuming your bed, you should keep tidy closets. This is because clothes kept in closets actually shed a lot of fibre. To prevent the fibre from accumulating you should keep items in boxes, garment bags and plastic containers.

3) Do away with clutter on the floors

Even though cleaning under books, clothing, magazines and toys is necessary, it will not prevent dust from settling around or in them. The best way to handle this is to remove these clutters and store them in an enclosed area.

4) Use sturdy mats

Put mats outside and inside of your entrances to your bedroom. This will give other people an area to wipe dust from their feet before they get in. you’ll be surprised how this exercise will reduce dust in your home.

Most importantly, ensure you shake these mats and clean them using a vacuum after every few days.

5) Use a powerful vacuum

Dust accumulates on carpets in really large quantities. Their fibres suck dust like a giant sponge. Therefore, you should use a powerful vacuum machine to clean your carpets. Suction alone cannot pull a lot of dust out of your carpet. A vacuum with an agitator does a good job is sweeping rugs.

When it comes to vinyl, tile or wood flooring, a canister vacuum machine with an adjustable agitator (or without an agitator) is the right one to use. Do this at least once a week.  

6) Clean using the right supplies

The idea here is to eliminate dust as opposed to spreading it around. In that case, avoid dry rags and feather dusters. Instead, use disposable cloths or damp rags as they hold and attract dust using the electrostatic charge.

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Apart from cleaning to minimise dust accumulation in your bedroom, you can do so by dealing with the mode that helps dust to come in. This mode is air. A cooling or heating distribution system can assist in controlling dust because it filters the air. Therefore, you should have the right filter for your system to minimise dust. Further, replace the filters in case dust builds up because a dirty filter might damage the furnace.

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