Why a Decluttered Home Makes You Happier

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Even though we have all been trained to practice good cleaning habits at a young age, most people still struggle to establish and follow cleaning routines. If you’re like most people, then chances are you dislike cleaning. Most would rather spend their time plugged into a computer device all day. Others are tied to unending work commitments.

Modern life has become busier than ever. The expectations and the needs of work life are always increasing, a phenomenon that implies that work often comes home with us. Work hours are usually fairly long and it’s not easy to find time to conduct a thorough home cleaning process. This is why getting a professional home cleaner to do the task for you is its perks. But why do you need it?

Failing to declutter and clean your home can have detrimental consequences on your wellbeing, health and cognitive function. Studies tend to show that clutter and other forms of rubbish don’t just look unappealing, but can actually cause us stress.

Clutter often tends to remind us of undone tasks, which makes it difficult to relax both mentally and physically. To be more precise, clutter usually creates a general sense of guilt and unease because it makes you feel that there are things you didn’t do that ought to be done.

Despite being one of the toughest tasks to accomplish, we all know that decluttering makes you happy. Let’s discuss in details why decluttering actually makes you happy.

Decluttering enhances your indoor air quality

Abandoned clothes, used tins and cans and other various possessions which are left to lie across your flooring can collect dust particles with time. Dust particles increase the number of harmful toxins and contaminants in your indoor air. Your household members are likely to experience respiratory issues, ranging from asthma attacks to coughing. Constant eye irritations and other unwanted allergic reactions are equally likely to affect you.

Decluttering means there would be no room for dust particles and other types of debris to hide. It would also involve organising and putting things in their right places. All of these represent a good step towards healthier living. You will not only be breathing easier and better, but you’ll be happy as well, knowing that the quality of your indoor air has significantly improved.

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It reduces your stress levels

A cluttered space means that more cleaning needs to be done in the future. As rubbish continues to pile, so does your mental stress. Stress, on the other hand, can potentially result in a whole host of health problems including weight problems, heart diseases and lack of sleep.

Decluttering your spaces make them brighter, sunnier and more appealing. A clean and organised home makes you happy not only by enhancing your mental health, but by improving your overall physical health as well. If you are currently feeling unhappy, sluggish and stressed, the clutter in your home could be the reason behind your problems.

A decluttered home improves your focus

When your mind is focused, you are more likely to be a happy individual. When unfinished tasks are the cause of your clutter, your brain will often tend to linger upon those tasks. Of course, this greatly affects your cognitive function, which in turn, impacts your emotions. The presence of rubbish in your home is always a sign that something isn’t quite right. Clearing out this rubbish isn’t just going to eliminate your worries and make you happier, it’s also going to be the first move toward ensuring all your uncompleted activities and chores are actually completed.

Note that you are going to have a few things that you will not be prepared to part ways with, but what you can do to have the best of both worlds is by getting yourself a storage unit at a local storage facility near you. In the end you will have the extra space you need and also keep your extra belongings out of the way, until you need them again in the future.

It frees your mind, making you happier

Having a lot of stuff in your home not only takes a toll on your mental health but makes you depressed as well. When you declutter and let go of the items that no longer serve you, it can potentially take a load of responsibilities off your shoulders. After all, the less you have, the less there is to take care of. This will make you happy knowing that your home is a source of unrivalled relaxation and calm.

The act of giving enhances happiness

Decluttering will always involve giving out some of your stuff that you no longer find useful to other people who may find such valuable. If you didn’t know, there is a positive correlation between the act of giving and satisfaction and happiness. So, start today! Even if it means parting with half of your possessions, donate items to your neighbours, charities and free the space around your home. Such an effective decluttering move will benefit both parties.

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