5 Fun Clean Up Activities for Infants & Toddlers


We all know that children love to get their hands on everything, and maintaining a clean house with kids or pets is no picnic. Infact, one of the biggest challenges that parents face is keeping their children occupied while cleaning up, which can take a whole lot of time and patience.

However, cleaning with kids is one of the best ways to keep your little ones entertained while ensuring a spick and span interior. In today’s post, we will go over five clean up activities for infants & toddlers to make cleaning as enjoyable as possible.

Play Your Kid’s Favourite Songs


Children love listening and dancing along to their favourite songs! If you’re struggling to convince your kids to try their hand at cleaning, playing what they generally listen to may do the trick.

Cleaning with kids doesn’t need to be done to the noise of vacuuming and feather dusting. Instead, play an album your child enjoys, and then start scrubbing away at whatever mess needs to be cleaned. You can also pause the music intermittently, allowing your kids to either freeze on the spot or change cleaning tasks.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a device lying around, try singing the alphabet. Your kids will love learning the alphabet while they clean! They’ll also be developing more cognitive skills with each letter.


Play Dress Up with Their Favourite Attire


Dressing up is a fun activity that children can engage in while cleaning! Your little ones will love pretending to be grown-ups while they help around the house.

Encourage your kids to play dress-up with their favourite set of clothes, and provide some tools like an old broom or mop along with it. Whether you work on one task together or let them take turns role playing mommy or daddy, this method works great for parents who are looking for ways to make chores more fun and entertaining!


Use a Timer to Turn it Into a Race


Turn cleaning into a fun and energetic game by setting a timer. When the time is up, whoever has cleaned more wins! A little competition ensures everyone works hard, while also adding a bit of fun to the mix.

For example, you could make it a race to see who can pick up all their toys in the playroom before the buzzer goes off. This approach works great for infants and toddlers because it keeps them focused while they clean.

You can also let your kids set their own timer when engaging with their individual tasks. This will give them the opportunity to be more in control of what they do, helping to build self-esteem. It’s a win-win situation where parents get some free time while toddlers develop good work ethic habits by helping out around the house!


Let them Pick a Charity to Declutter and Donate their Things Too


Decluttering and donating their things is another way to make cleaning fun for toddlers. For instance, you could instruct them to pick a charity to give away toys, books, or clothes they no longer need.

While some children may not be thrilled at the idea of giving away old possessions, giving them their choice of charity will help them feel better about it. This makes clean up time a fun and interactive activity that teaches your kids the value of helping others in need.

In addition to encouraging your kids’ generosity, it also ensures their belongings are put to good use and not just thrown away. With less clutter in your household, you will be able to clean more efficiently and effectively! Here are 10 Things to Clean and Disinfect in Your Home

Have a Scavenger Hunt When Cleaning


Getting kids to clean up without incentive can be a challenge for parents, as nobody likes doing chores. However, one way to make this task more fun is by setting up a scavenger hunt!

Children love finding things, especially toys or candy, which they can then add to their collection.

For example, you could hide stuffed animals or other toys around the house and let your kids go on a search for them while they clean. Similarly, you could place their favourite sweets or snacks and let them find and eat them after their tasks are completed.

This approach works great for getting kids interested in cleaning because it makes them feel like they’re on a fun adventure! It’s also beneficial because your little ones will be more likely to complete their chores if you add some incentives into the mix.


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