7 Tips to Make Your Home Pet-friendly

Modern family with pet resting on sofa at home

If you are a pet owner, then you probably know how much your pets can enhance your life. There are potentially endless benefits of owning a pet. On an emotional level, owning a pet can help decrease stress, depression and anxiety. Health-wise, having a pet by your side may help lower your risk of stroke and heart attack, reduce blood pressure and improve your immunity. For you to enjoy some of the above benefits, you first need to take good care of your pet. Apart from the provision for your pet’s basic needs, you must also ensure that your home is pet-friendly. Generally, pets have the same needs just as you do. They need good and nutritious food, require your attention, compassion and love. What’s more, they have emotions and should be attended to on a daily routine. Making your home more pet-friendly not only makes your lovely pet happy but equally makes your handling of the pet fairly easy. There are a few practical things you can incorporate in your home that may help make your house pet-friendly.

Mind your flooring

When you are a pet lover, there are certain types of soft flooring that won’t suit your pet. Floors made of softwood and perhaps wall to wall carpeting may not be appropriate. With cats and dogs running through the house and scratching just about anything on a regular basis, it would be a great idea to opt for relatively harder flooring. Tiles are virtually scratch proof. What’s more, tiles tend to provide a cool place for your pet to nap, especially during the hot weather. we would recommend investing in either ceramic or porcelain tile flooring since they are both highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Use trash cans that have lids

The truth is that pets such as dogs always want to explore their world. They are likely to get into your trash cans and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find all your old food and other rubbish is strewn across your floor. To be on the safest side, make sure you are using trash cans that have lids. It is also highly advisable not to use low-lying trash cans because they can be easily accessible for the pets. Even if they are well closed, you still don’t want your pet to be knocking the cans around. So, if possible stash your rubbish cans in a closed off pantry. You can also put them behind your kitchen cabinet.

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Use pet-friendly furniture as well

For a pet lover, stain-resistant is the way to go when it comes to your furniture options. If you would be sharing your chairs and couches with your pets, you should know that there would be costly consequences other than just pet hair and dander. If you didn’t know, unwelcome stains, stinky odours, unwanted scratches are other potential problems you’ll have to face if you use pet-unfriendly furniture. When purchasing pet-friendly furniture, avoid silk, tweed and velvets since they are highly prone to scratches and stains. Instead, go for furniture outfitted in leather, synthetic microfibre and other outdoor-rated fabrics. It would also be a good idea to avoid furniture that features light and bright colours, as stains are likely to visibly show on them. Other decent stain-resistant fabrics include wool blends and coated cotton.

Choose your rugs wisely

Rugs will always take physical abuse from your pets. As appealing as you may find those white wool rugs, they are not ideal for a pet-friendly house. Always settle for rugs designed to be spot-cleaned such as treated wool material. Textured floor coverings such as jute and sisal are also known to resist dirt.

Hide your electrical cables

Surely, you don’t want your pet to mess around with the electrical system in your home. Pets, especially cats, are known to play around with anything that runs through your floor and electrical cables are no exception. Available from nearly all hardware stores, cable protectors can be used to prevent pets from tampering with cables because they make them chew-proof. You can also hide all your electrical wires behind furniture.

Hide all your treasured household items

Most pets, especially dogs, are excitable animals and will always try to play with just about anything. Keep= all your valuable, fragile items out of their reach.

Be wary of household toxins

Artificial cleaners, strong chemicals, medications and other environmental insecticides should be kept in a secluded and safe area. It’s also imperative to note that a lot of indoor plants can be poisonous to dogs. Some of the potentially dangerous houseplants include Poinsettia, Philodendron and Mistletoe. Making your home pet-friendly will save you the hassle and trouble for when you need to clean your house. Animal hair, bodily fluids and waste can be difficult to remove from household items. Here are some cleaning products you will want to consider.

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