Why Organising & Cleaning is so Therapeutic

Today, we live in a world where most people are stressed and overworked. You throw Covid-19 into the mix, and suddenly things are spiralling out of control.

Many of us have almost forgotten the feeling of what it is to be relaxed or refreshed. This is why cleaning can provide such a fantastic activity – not only does it help us get rid of the dirt and grime, but it also provides an environment for relaxation.

But why is the act of cleaning therapeutic exactly? Below we’ll go through five cleaning benefits and understand why people find it so relaxing:


Cleaning Relieves Stress Through Exercise


If holding down a regular desk job has got you feeling like a blob, then think about getting some exercise into your routine. House cleaning is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn off some of that excess weight. If you live in an apartment, then all you need is a good vacuum and mop.

Additionally, when we clean, our body releases endorphins to naturally fight off stress and pain. They help regulate your emotions so you don’t feel overwhelmed by them. So once you have finished cleaning your house, you will not only have a clean environment but you’ll be calmer and more relaxed as well.


A Cluttered Environment can Negatively Impact Our Mental Health


Ever heard of the phrase “Tidy room, tidy mind”? It’s true! A cluttered environment can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. A study published by “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,” shows that women with cluttered spaces generally suffer more fatigue and symptoms of depression than women who described their interior space as restful.


In addition to mental health, a messy home can also affect our cognitive abilities. People living in cluttered environments are less likely to be focused and end up finishing tasks and projects at a slower pace. When a person’s view is obstructed by clutter, they’re more likely to feel overwhelmed and less capable.

After we’ve cleaned, our new spacious living space helps to improve our quality of life. It makes us more productive, and in turn, we feel happier and healthier.


Cleaning Provides Instant Gratification


I know it might sound a bit far-fetched, but you actually feel amazing when you organise your cupboards or clean the shower. It’s almost like a drug! Our brains release certain chemicals that satisfy our desire for pleasure and reward.

Cleaning provides instant gratification because it makes us feel productive and accomplished. We’ve all done it – sometimes we clean because it makes us feel better, other times we clean even when it doesn’t make sense.

Although many of us might take out the trash or scrub the toilets just because it’s something to do, countless studies show that cleaning provides a sense of accomplishment.


It Can Help Save Your Hard-Earned Money in The Long Run


How many times have you had to replace items because they’ve got lost in household? It’s essential to keep track of your belongings, from expensive jewellery and equipment to important documents like your birth or marriage certificate.

If you’re organised and don’t lose things, it can help your household save money. How? Well, you won’t lose your items, which in turn saves you money on buying and replacing them. And since your things are easier to access when stored properly, you can find things and finish projects faster. 


Cleaning is a Form of Meditation


When we clean, our minds focus on what’s before us since there’s nothing else to do but think about the task at hand. Whether you call it cleaning therapy or meditation, it helps us in the present moment instead of being preoccupied with stressful thoughts or worries. It can also help clear your mind so that you can start fresh and think positively again.

Okay, so it might not sound like one of life’s most pleasurable moments. But once you get started, the endorphins will keep you going till your work is done! When we complete our cleaning tasks, our body releases dopamine, which makes us feel accomplished.

And the best part is, we learn to enjoy it! Once we get started and realise how good we feel afterwards, we want to continue our cleaning journey. It slowly becomes an integral part of our life and helps relieve stress to embrace all the beautiful things life has to offer!


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