8 Post-Party Cleaning Tips

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The guests are gone and what remains are piles of used cans, bottles and leftover food. A glimpse at your cookware makes your back twitch to the imagination of beckoning tedious post-party cleaning. Any single effort to rubbish the thoughts out of your mind doesn’t bear any fruit. Don’t be worried. Here’s a simple guide that has all your post-party cleaning questions covered.

1) Start with the curtains

Some parties usually turn out messy. You may wake up to the foul smell that resulted from a friend throwing up, passing out, and of course failing to use the toilet carefully. Opening the curtains will allow the morning air in and make you feel rejuvenated for the task beforehand. In the cold winter mornings, you will need to open the windows for a short period to create a through draught.


2) Check for anyone who hasn’t gone home

Unless you checked on your guests before departure, you will always find one or two struggling to leave the house. The natural light should enable you to check in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or even the bedroom.

3) Check out for pieces of broken glasses

Having naturally lit the rooms, start checking up for the broken pieces of glass. Starting from the main room where the party was thrown, collect and toss the pieces of broken beer cans into the dust bin. Through this, your safety during the after party cleaning will be guaranteed.

4) Go for the empty bottles and used packages

You will wake to a clear view of used bottles and unfinished drinks. Using the garbage bin, collect all the bottles and place them in a designated spot in the resident. Do not toss them through the window. You can put the recyclable materials on sturdy bags for proper disposal. 

While collecting the bottles, check for anything unfinished. These can be drinks, snacks, and food leftovers. However, do not throw the leftovers that can be kept for future use.

5) Fill the dishwasher

Take all the dirty kitchenware and place them in the dishwasher. This will help you optimise on the space to give room for proper cleaning of the kitchen.

6) Properly clean all the rooms one after the other

Once you are sure that nothing will block your way, gather the necessary cleaning equipment, and be ready for the real task. You can adopt either a mass cleaning or a simple methodical one-by-one room cleaning. However, for an exemplary cleaning process, methodical cleaning is recommendable.

  • Start with the bathroom

Using a multipurpose bathroom spray, open the lid and spray the toilet. Do not forget about the seat since it is a basic part of your toilet. Using an appropriate toilet-cleaning tool, go ahead and deep clean the toilet.

A flash cleaner and warm water is enough for the bath and the dirty sink. All you need is to fill the two places with the warm water and give it time to do its magic. In the meantime, wipe the mirrors with a microfibre cloth. Finally, run the solution in the sink and clean the bathroom floor before a quick once over.

  • Clean the bedroom and the sitting room

Using a duster and a polish, tackle every floor surfaces one after the other. Be careful on the stains since they will need extra aftercare. Remove the curtains, bed and furniture upholstery and take them to the washing machine. Finalise the whole process by efficiently cleaning the carpet.

  • Clean the kitchen

You have already done all the rooms, what remains is the kitchen and the stuffed ware that lie in the dishwasher. Start with the basics of the kitchen such as the oven, the cabinets and bench tops. You can then proceed to clean the used dinnerware and finally doing the floors. If you’ve got many aluminium appliances, it is crucial that you use the best aluminium cleaner available to you. After all, the last thing you want is to deal with oxidation, corrosion, and more.  

7) Remove the stains

Stains not only give the rooms bizarre dirty looks. They also result in unpleasant smelly rooms. Stains from red wine and vomits can lurk deep in the carpet. Therefore, carefully check and efficiently remove them. Baking soda is often helpful in removing stains and other unpleasant smells.

8) Reclaim the feel of your home

Finally, do a spot check of any single space in the house to ascertain whether they are well done. You can go ahead to replace the upholstery and the curtains before lighting the candles to give the rooms a cosy and homey feel.

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