3 Top Tips to Help You Choose a Great Cleaner

Is there really anything worse than coming home from the stresses and challenges that work throws at us every day only to be confronted by the laundry, the ironing, the washing up and dusting that has been sitting there for 3 days? If this sounds like you then it’s probably time that you looked into employing a professional cleaner to help you out with all of those chores that you just hate doing, so here’s a few handy tips from us here at Caliber Cleaning to help you find the right cleaner.

The work

The first thing that you are going to want to do is set your expectations, not just for yourself but also for your cleaner. You cleaner needs to know what they are doing and what you expect for your money. Some people will just want their floors cleaned regularly every week while others will want a deep cleanse and total overhaul of their house every month or so. It’s important for both parties that this is outlined so you are not left feeling short-changed and your cleaner isn’t feeling like they don’t know what you want from them.


Generally speaking the price you are quoted will be based on three factors – how long the work takes to complete, how much hard labour is involved with the job and if additional products or specialist equipment (such as a floor buffer) is required. In Australia, as a ball park figure, you should be somewhere around $15-$30 per hour depending on what you want and how much work goes into it.


 When you think that you have found a company who is going to offer you the most for the most reasonable price, you should really only book two cleaning sessions just to make sure that their cleaning skills were as good as they were selling it over the phone. Once they are finished you can then see for yourself how much elbow grease they put into it and how they plan to clean your property for the rest of the time? Sometimes you may find that they either misunderstood what you wanted or you were misinformed by the company. These things happen and it doesn’t mean that your cleaner isn’t worth their salt and you should give them the benefit of the doubt a couple of times. If they’re still not up to the job after a couple of runs, then it may not be wise to engage their service in the long term.

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