Tinder Categorically Proves Cleaner People Are More Attractive


At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself or someone else:

“Should I really take the time to clean up my room/house/apartment?”

“Surely, it’s not a deal breaker if your place is a little messy, right?”

Well, the consensus is that being messy isn’t a good look. Why? Because it’s a sign of being lazy and unorganised. And if there’s one pet peeve many people have, it’s being with someone lazy and unorganised!

But is it really true?

According to YouGov Omnibus research in England, out of 30 attributes, “lack of cleanliness” ranked as the least attractive trait. In fact, 71% of Brits say they would feel uncomfortable if their partner cared far less about cleanliness than they did. That’s a huge majority!

Our home and cleaning service company, Calibre Cleaning, even surveyed their own customers on the matter. A whopping 62% said they wouldn’t date someone who is messy or has a dirty house.

Surely, the evidence is conclusive enough right?

We decided to turn things up a notch and conduct our own social experiment. For our final trump card, we took the argument to the masses and saw what the ultimate judge, jury and executioner thought – Tinder users!

Why Tinder is a Reliable Source

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s basically an app where you judge people solely on their looks and decide if you want to date them or not. You swipe right on their profile if you’re interested and left if not. It’s as simple as that.

And because you’re judged based on a few pictures, first appearances are everything. Infact, you only have 2 seconds to make a first impression on Tinder – that’s less time it takes for you to read this sentence!

Based on this, Calibre Cleaning conducted an experiment on the app to see if cleaner people really did get more matches and likes.

The Tinder Experiment

We created two profiles each for Rafael and Karissa in Melbourne, Australia. The difference between the two was that one had messy background photos, and the other had clean background photos.

Rafael’s Profile Set-up

For Rafael, our bad-boy lead in this story, we took two pictures in his kitchen and bedroom with untidy backdrops. Think clothes strewn about with a smell best described as “boyfriend’s apartment.” You know the drill.

His second profile had the same pictures, except the rooms were clean. A place where a lady would feel comfortable and maybe, just maybe, stay over the night – no dishes in the sink, clothes put away, etc.

Karissa’s Profile Set-up

For Karrisa’s profile, we took one picture in her living room with a clean and cosy background. It screamed, “I take care of myself and my space.”

For her second profile, we took the same living room pictures of Karissa except it was messy. This included an overloaded trash can, wires on the floor and general disarray.

Tinder Experiment Results

After running Rafael’s and Karrisa’s profile for 5 days on Tinder Platinum and swiping 500 times (yup, we’re that committed!), we got the following results:

…..drumroll, please!


Rafael’s Profile results:

1. Messy Profile

Swipes and likes: 85

2. Clean Profile

Swipe and likes: 180, an increase of 112%

Karissa’s Profile results:

1. Messy Profile

Swipes and likes: 1452

2. Clean Profile

Swipe and likes: 2051, an increase of 41%


And the winner is… Clean Profiles by a landslide!

So there you have it, folks. Without a shadow of a doubt, a clean room does wonders for your Tinder profile and dating life.

If you want to up your Tinder game and get more matches, take some time to clean up your place! It’s worth it. And if you don’t have the patience/time/energy to do it yourself, call us, and we’ll do it for you!

Happy Swiping!