Why You Should Include Home Cleaning Services for Your House Party Plans

Young casual housewife with mop cleaning the floor in living-room on weekend at home

by Daniel Law - March 26, 2020

Hosting house parties can give you that social boost that you want. It can give your friends a good impression on you, or simply a way for you to celebrate your new job or academic degree. Regardless of the reasons to celebrate, you have to give a lot of time and effort in planning a house party, because after all, failing to plan is simply planning to fail. 


One of the most essential aspects to put your attention on is cleaning the whole house – and letting home cleaning services take care of all the dust and grime can turn tides to your favour.


Here’s why:

Deep Cleaning

A quick mop on those tiles will not get rid of residual oil and grime. You need to thoroughly scrub and wipe the grime off with microfibre towels or a durable mop. If you haven’t cleaned up for a while, a house party will be a motivation for you to turn your home sparkling clean. 


However, a few hundred square feet of flooring to clean can be a literal pain in the back, and you still have to plan on the decorations, food, and other party activities at the same time. In addition, your bathroom also needs special attention. Leaving a stinking smell for your guests will only make a bad impression on your personal hygiene. 


Delving into the wetlands and giving your bathroom tiles, toilet bowl, and urinals disinfection and deliberate scrubbing are simply intimidating and disgusting, but you can still achieve a clean bathroom without breaking a sweat by calling a trustworthy home cleaning service such as Calibre Cleaning.


Not only will we take out your overflowing rubbish bins, but also thoroughly vacuum all carpets, floors, and hard-to-reach areas depending on your liking. Furthermore, our professional cleaners use HEPA vacuums which sucks dirt, dust, and even dead skin, making it a guarantee that we will take all allergens and harmful microorganisms out of your property.

Kitchen and Appliance Cleaning

Before going to stuff all ingredients for your turkey in the fridge or turning up the oven for your cheesecake, inspect the surfaces of these appliances first. Your kitchen appliances will be up for a challenge as you will be preparing food for a number of people – and food contamination is a serious health issue that needs to be avoided.


If you feel daunted by the amount of work needed to turn your filthy fridge and ominous oven sparkling clean, let home cleaning services tend to your appliances. Calibre Cleaning is the most recommended house cleaner since we have professional cleaners who specialise in kitchen cleaning. 


We specialise in cleaning the surfaces of your fridge, stoves, and oven, and will also take care of cleaning the entire kitchen and windows. Clean appliances will promise good efficiency and performance, and a clean kitchen will guarantee a safe space for preparing your savoury food.

Convenient and On-Demand

You don’t have to take the long line or undergo unnecessary processes just to hire a cleaning service. Calibre Cleaning puts your convenience as our first priority and we have our equipment and personnel ready 24/7 so we can accommodate on your most convenient schedule. 


Simply set a booking at least 24 hours in advance, and we will gladly work at any schedule, sun up or sun down all throughout Melbourne. Now you can focus on more important preparations and be more productive in the process while we make sure your venue will be perfectly suitable for the company.


The relationship we build with you is most important, and Calibre Cleaning’s pricing will also be constantly calibrated depending on the amount and complexity of the cleaning job so you get the value for your worth.


Every achievement calls for a celebration, and you want the celebration to equal the achievement whether in physical grandiose or emotional value. You don’t have to take your guests outside and drink at the bar; your house is just as enough if given the right planning and preparation. Of course, this will take a lot of time to materialise, that’s why you can seek professional help that can guarantee efficiency and reliability none other than Calibre Cleaning.


If you are planning for a house party, let Calibre Cleaning do all the sanitary preparations. Set a booking with our friendly staff at 1300 991 368 or send us an e-mail for your inquiries and a free quotation.