When it comes to your complete kitchen cleaning in Melbourne, Calibre Cleaning are the professionals in upholding a high level of standard in hygiene. No matter what the situation your kitchen is being utilised for, our home cleaning experts will provide you with premium kitchen cleaning each and every time.

Kitchen cleaning is an important feature that needs to be carried out frequently and exceptionally. Nobody wants to see or work in a messy cooking area. Let alone eat from an unorganised kitchen. This is why a clean and clear kitchen is essential to you and your family’s health and lifestyle.

Cooking in a disorientated kitchen space is also recipe for disaster. It can be chaotic and stressful when you can’t remember where you left that salt shaker or cooking oil. This is where we can help. Calibre Cleaning not only cleans your kitchen to perfection but will additionally, organise your cabinets, benches and cupboards to best optimise your kitchen experience. Let us free you from the burden of a messy kitchen space. You can be at peace knowing exactly what you want and where to find it while cooking.

Our highly proficient cleaners have dealt with numerous Melbourne home cleaning in their years of experience to efficiently organise your kitchen to the way you’d like it. You can bet that everything will be neatly stacked and organised in each drawer and shelf. Don’t bother spending time doing it yourself when you could be using it more productively. Let us take care of your kitchen and maintain it in a tip-top condition that even your guests and visitors will be starstruck.

Not having a clean and well-maintained house kitchen can be a little embarrassing. Especially when you have unsuspecting visitors in the last minute. Dirty dishes in the sink? Messy benchtop with your breakfast from this morning? Call Calibre Cleaning so that you won’t have to worry about it. We’ll ensure that everything is under control and thoroughly disinfected.

Benchtop Cleaning

Benchtop cleaning may seem like an easy task for you at home. You might be thinking all it takes is one wipe with a wet towel and everything will be as good as new. Wrong! What you don’t see is the millions of tiny bacteria that is being spread with your wet towel and worst of all, nothing significant has been done to your benchtop.

Professional home cleaners in Melbourne such as Calibre Cleaning are vital to maintaining the appearance and hygiene of your benchtop. There are many factors that you need to consider when cleaning your benchtop.

You will need to consider the type of kitchen benchtop that you have. The material will determine what kind of cleaning products you can and cannot use. This is due to staining and discolouring of your benchtop. Our experienced cleaning team know what works best with the material of your benchtop to effectively remove any grease or stain that you may have.

Furthermore, we only use highly-quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning household products that are safe for children and pets. They are equally effective in completely getting rid of germs, stains and bacteria. You won’t ever have to worry about our disinfecting products.

Sink Cleaning

We have all been in the position after returning home from work and dreading the fact that our dishes in our kitchen sink will need to be washed, dried and put away. A daunting task that you have no time and energy for after a long day at work. Get us to do your daily chores for you. We are the complete housemaid package to consistently uphold your beautiful home, starting with your kitchen.

The main part of your kitchen is the vanity, or more specifically the kitchen sink. A sink full of dirty dishes is a clear indicator of an unclean kitchen. This can reflect badly upon yourself as a homeowner when you have surprise visitors in your house. Our kitchen cleaners will always ensure that your sink is always clear of dishes and as clean as new. We will also polish and bright your kitchen vanity so that it looks spotless.

Fridge Cleaning

When was the last time you remembered to clean your refrigerator both internally and externally? Although it may seem like a yearly task, you should attend to the refrigerator cleaning more often than that. Just think about it, your fridge is constantly running 24 hours a day to keep your items nice and cool. While it is doing this, dust is being accumulated at the back. The buildup of dust and dirt will deteriorate the lifespan of your fridge and reduce its efficiency in keeping your refrigerated goods cold.

Once the outside has been cleaned, you will need to ensure that your cooled items are also not being contaminated by bacteria and germs that have been accumulating inside your fridge. This may seem like a mountain of task and you would be correct.

Our Calibre Cleaning team are here to clean your refrigerator both internally and externally. We ensure that all of your refrigerated items are always keep cold while we thoroughly sanitise the interior of your fridge. The most common places for bacteria to grow is on the shelves and in the crevices. We’ll disassemble the refrigerator shelves one by one to reach every nook and cranny.

Oven Cleaning

Much like our fridges, our ovens don’t get the same love frequently. It is important that we give our oven a thorough clean to ensure that it is in checking order and to boost the life expectancy of the appliance. This will save you money from replacing it in the long run. Your oven, stove and microwave are prone to wearing out quickly if they are not properly maintained and cleaned. Even if they are not frequently used, dust and insects and find themselves in these areas and spread bacteria around.

For all your exceptional kitchen cleaning in Melbourne, you can rely on Calibre Cleaning to provide you with the complete cleaning and maintenance of your lovely home.