House cleaning service in St Kilda

Breakfast in a freshly cleaned dining room in St Kilda

by Rocky Vuong - January 30, 2016

Calibre Cleaning are an experienced team of St Kilda cleaners, providing a professional cleaning service for domestic and commercial places.

Are you looking for a cleaner in the St Kilda area?

Is your house looking like it may need a clean? Do not wait any longer, because you have an exceptional cleaning company awaiting your service. We literally do the dirty work for you, making your house back to the clean and beautiful home you always wanted!

For every clean, we have a ‘Green Clean’ standard. We ensure that the products we use are chemical and allergen free, which not only helps the Earth, but also helps your residence and your family. This adheres to our standards of wanting each customer to have a healthy home, which ultimately leads to a happy home!

We work around YOUR timetable, and ensure that the disturbance is little to none. We are there to make your life easier and happier, and keeping you happy is our main objective. Take the plunge and make a booking now! If you need any more information, our site will provide any help you need, or call Calibre Cleaning for more information.