Comprehensive Moving Out Checklist

young couple moving out

by Daniel Law - April 28, 2019

Moving out of a house you have called home for so long can be exhilarating and at the same time overwhelming.  The effort and time needed to clean all the rooms in the house can be a piece of cold ice in the ass. But, must you do it? You see, several landlords demand an initial security deposit when you are signing a leasing contract with them. Once the leasing time is up, it is upon you to reclaim it back or not. Reclaiming it back may mean a thorough cleaning.

You will need to redeem the initial outlook of the house and cover up the damages accrued by your staying there. The holes and rubbed paints must be refilled. You will need to caulk cracks in the walls and floors.

As simple as it may sound, reclaiming the original outlook of a house until the owner’s heart melts is not just a walk in the park. However, in most cases, you will realise that there are specific places that are put under keen scrutiny when an inspection is done. These places should be your first priority when at the end of a lease when you are preparing to move out.

1) Start by cleaning everywhere

Remove everything from various rooms so that you can remain with a clear working space. After that, you can give all the rooms a once over to ascertain their various levels of damages and dirt accumulation. A once over also helps in the identification of any crucial document, item or equipment left when parking for the new home.

Using various cleaning equipment, sweep and mop every place in the house from the kitchen, dining room, bedroom to the garage. Clean other places such as windows, doors and door knobs, switches, and ceiling. Nails and screws previously used to hold curtains and other stuff should be uprooted carefully without causing more damages.

2) Clean the Kitchen

Having done the first cleaning which is mainly for dust removal from various rooms, proceed now to individual rooms-this time giving each a thorough cleaning. And, since the kitchen is the first inspector’s scope, it is advisable to start from there.

Disinfect and clean the countertops, faucets, and cabinets. When it comes to the sink, go an extra mile and check whether it is properly drained before proceeding to clean it. Allow the water to fill up by blocking the drain. Then, release the plug and check whether the water flows freely down the drain. If you observe some bubbles then it means there is a hitch in the drainage. A healthy dose of drain cleaner or hot water can work to repair that.

Clean the oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer. Finally, you can give your new kitchen a final check before proceeding to another room.

3) Clean the bathroom

As small as it may seem, the bathroom is another key checkpoint after kitchen. As glamorous as it may look, thorough cleaning and disinfection should be done to the bathroom.

Using cleaning gloves sanitise the toilet bowel inside and out. Check and remove hard water stains wherever they exist.

Get the sink thoroughly cleaned by wiping the faucets, handles, and countertops. Make the mirrors gleaming by using some Windex. Finally, double check and clean your cabinets while making sure all the toiletries are removed from them.

4) Clean the bedroom

With initial cleaning, you will realise that there is no much work left in the bedroom.  Check and vacuum the closets of the remaining dust. Finally, do the last check for any personal item.

5) Make the garage sparkling clean

First, make sure the garage is empty of anything. Then, take a broom and sweep it clean. You will be required to use anti-grease detergent to clear out the oil stains in the storage place and walls. Sometimes you may be required to repaint the garage.

6) Finally, check for anything

After cleaning every place of the house including the balconies and stairs, check for any place that still portrays signs of dust, dirt, unwanted pains, or cracks. Go ahead and redo the place. Paint and caulk places where necessary.

With this move out checklist and a competent-based cleaning, be sure you are done for any inspection. However, due to limitations factors such as time and size of the house, you may need help from a cleaning service provider. At Calibre Cleaningwe offer everything you need for an elegant move out.

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