For premium bathroom cleaning in Melbourne, you won’t be disappointed by our team from Calibre Cleaning. With several years of knowledge and industry experience, we have dealt with a large number of home bathrooms and there isn’t a job that we couldn’t do. We have seen and helped several Melbourne residents with their messy bathrooms. It is never attractive when your bathroom does not look clean and healthy. It can be really off-putting.

Cleaning your bathroom by yourself can take at least half a day. Without the proper knowledge, techniques and tools, it can take even longer. But with a professional home cleaning service provider such as Calibre Cleaning, we’ll get it done within a few hours. You can also be sure that your bathroom will be completely clean from head to toe.

Our highly trained staff members are equipped with the latest cleaning tools and knowledge to effectively clean and disinfect any type of bathroom surface. We’ll blast away all those grime and stubborn stains so that your bathroom looks sparkling new.

Many people will know that germs and mould thrive in moist and warm areas. There is no better place for this kind of environment than in the bathroom. At Calibre Cleaning, not only do we clean, we’ll dry out wet areas to prevent the buildup of mould and organise the space to provide a minimalist look. A modern and highly desirable trend that is increasingly becoming popular.

So while you’re getting your domestic home clean, why not include a dazzling bathroom clean service?

Sink cleaning

Bathroom vanities are the most common culprit of a dirty bathroom. When we take on the duty of cleaning a bathroom, we take a lot of care and caution into making sure that your bathroom vanity is properly cleaned and maintained for longevity. After all, it is the most frequently used section of any bathroom. You use it to wash your face, brush your teeth and do your makeup.

Calibre Cleaning will ensure that your sink is not only clean but also looks and feels clean. This is important in developing a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Surrounding yourself with clean and minimal junk is key to feeling stress-free and happy. Let us help you unburden your life by beginning with your bathroom cleaning.

Toilet cleaning

At Calibre Cleaning, we clean everything. This includes the things that you wouldn’t like to clean by yourself such as the toilets. Scrubbing and washing are what we do best. We get down and dirty so that you don’t have to. This is no stranger to us and we do this on the daily. The toilets are an easy place to get messy and foul. That is why we place emphasis in completely eliminating germs and bacteria in this area before it gets a chance to spread.

Our highly effective yet harmless cleaning products make it safe in your home around children and pet animals. We only use non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaning products when it comes to cleaning. Instead of using harmful chemicals such as bleach, our products are equally as effective without all the negative effects. We are able to provide this service to you on a frequency that suits you best.

Shower cleaning

Most home cleaning companies neglect cleaning the showers because they are usually clean by default. However not with Calibre Cleaning. We go over every nook and cranny to leave no stone left unturned. This includes your shower and drainage. We carefully empty out your bathroom waste, clean out your shower drain and wipe out your shower shelves. Germs are commonly found at the bottom of shampoo bottles and shelves where water cannot drain from. This is the perfect spot for the build of germs and mould.

For high-quality bathroom cleaning services, look no less than Calibre Cleaning. We are the clear selection with affordable prices, great customer service, reliable and honest. Let us make your life easier by cleaning, getting rid of your rubbish and organising your items while you get to sit back and enjoy.

Reach out to us today on 1300 991 368 and let us know how we can help!