9 Cleaning Tips to Maximise Your Carpet

female on carpet

by Daniel Law - June 26, 2019

Carpets are huge home investments. As a result, there is a dire need to keep them in tiptop condition in order to maximise their use and earn a reward from them upon resale. However, as a homeowner, sometimes you may find it tough to maintain your carpets in a good shape and outlook more so when the kids are at home. But, do you really need to be worried? Here are nine basic cleaning tips to maximising your carpet while at the same time cutting the cash corners.

1) Adopt the art of regular cleaning

With time, you will realise that overtime spot cleaning does not actually work. As a result, keeping the carpets green may mean vacuuming regularly. You see, every foot that steps on the carpet is dirt, allergens, or bacteria. Some of these pollutants lurk deep in the carpet. Even with the vacuum, therefore, the carpet can still assume a darker shade after some period of time. So, what exactly is the solution? Definitely, have the regular cleaning properly done by either yourself or a professional cleaning company.

2) Remove the stains on the spot

The reason why your carpet is a coat of many colours is that you postpone removing the stains from fluids and other materials that end up in it. It is very backstabbing to remove a dry stain. Therefore, learn the art of blotting the stain at the exact time they end up on the carpet. 

3) Keep the carpets a no-shoe-zone

Shoes carry mud and other types of dirt that are hard to clean. With a carpeted floor, just forget about having your shoes inside. Designate a specific place where shoes that are not in use are kept. Otherwise, you will need to notify the other family members to always leave their shoes at the door when stepping inside the house.

4) Keep the feet in socks

If allowed in barefoot, your family members will notoriously bring with them dirty feet. Keeping the feet in socks will not only help in protecting them, but it also realises apex vigilance as far as cleanliness is concerned. However, not all times will you and your family members wear socks. In fact, you understand the pain accrued from keeping the young kids in socks. In that case, always keep the feet properly washed before stepping on the carpet

5) Deep clean 

Deep cleaning is the sure way of removing the particles that often remain during vacuuming. Though demanding, it is the only sure way of reclaiming the original greener looks of your carpet. But, how often should you deep clean the carpet? 

Always do your carpets twice a year. However, with kids, you may need to deep clean the carpet as often as on a monthly basis. The carpet’s fabric and shade are key determinants when designing a deep cleaning timetable.

6) Cover critical areas

You will realise that there are specific parts of the carpets that accumulate dirt faster than others. They include the dining room, your kids’ favourite playing spot, and areas under high traffic. Use a rug or runner to completely cover such areas. You can then collect the accumulating dirt or easily wash the rugs rather than vacuuming the whole carpet.

7) Don’t let your pets in the room

Pet’s urine is unpleasantly smelly and hard to wash off the carpet. It can turn your room into a public latrine. On the other hand, it is not usually easy to train pets. Okay, if you can do it, the better. But, if you cannot, simply keep the pets away from your room.

8) Use efficient cleaning materials

No one feels good when the cleaning equipment plucks off his or her carpet’s fabric. On the other hand, time is key when cleaning. You will, therefore, require fast-paced cleaning materials that realise top-notch results without compromising the other aspects of safe cleaning. Just do not go for cheaper equipment. Secondly, employ easy-to-use equipment that you know everything about.

9) Get a professional house cleaner

Along with realising the desired feel and increased longevity, regular carpet cleaning by a professional company helps to cut down the costs. And, of course, in the maintenance of your precious time. It is no surprise that the teams that work for the various companies understand all the do’s and don’ts of any cleaning process. So are the professional carpet cleaners.

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